Data Verification and Submission

  • Eligibility Verification: Rigorous verification of each patient's insurance eligibility and benefits to avoid claim denials and delays.

  • Assistance with EDI, ERA, and Provider Enrollment: Expert assistance with electronic data interchange, electronic remittance advice, and provider enrollment processes for smooth data exchange.

  • Electronic and Paper Claims Submission: Efficient management of both electronic and paper claims submissions, ensuring speed, accuracy, and adherence to all regulations.

  • Referral and Authorization: Streamlined handling of referral and prior authorization processes to ensure continuity in patient care and billing.

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Receivables and Payments Management

  • Account Receivables Management: Effective management of your accounts receivables, ensuring timely follow-up and reduced pending payments.

  • Aged Receivables Recovery: Specialized services to tackle old account receivables for maximum revenue recovery.

  • Posting of Insurance and Patient Payments: Accurate posting of all insurance and patient payments for real-time financial data.

  • Secondary Insurance Billing: Skilled handling of secondary insurance billing to ensure no potential revenue is missed.

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Patient Communication and Claim Denials

  • Patient Communication Services: Management of all incoming patient calls, addressing any billing concerns and providing clear explanations of charges and payments.

  • Patient Statement Processing and Mailing: Comprehensive processing and mailing of patient statements for clear and prompt communication with your patients.

  • Denial Review and Management: Complete denial management services, including thorough review and appealing of all denied or low-paid claims.

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Additional Services

  • Charge Entry for all Specialties: Accurate and prompt charge entry services across all medical specialties to eliminate billing errors.

  • Negotiation Services: Conducting negotiations on your behalf to ensure the best financial outcomes for your practice.

  • Extensive Insurance Follow-up: Diligent follow-up with insurance providers for timely and accurate claim settlements.

  • Management Reports: Detailed and insightful management reports for data-driven decision making.

  • Law Offices Liens: Effective handling of law offices liens to protect your financial interests.

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